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From Cologne - Germany
By Ryanair

What am I visiting?
- Tate modern
- British Museum
- Tower bridge
- Westminster
- Big Ben
- Globe theatre

Where am I staying?

Generator Hostel
37 Tavistock Place,
London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world's best sights, attractions and activities. For all that is changing, London has retained the classic elements that set it apart from every other city in the world. It's a city that makes it very easy to connect, sit down, talk to people and get back in touch with them immediately.

The follow-up with people who live in London is superior to just about anywhere else in the world, it’s also the most culturally diverse city in the world. About one third of London is devoted to parks and open spaces, so there are plenty of places to relax on fine days. Make sure you visit The Royal Parks as well as Hampstead Heath in North London, which offers amazing views over the city.

London's world-class tourist attractions are renowned across the globe. Many of the most famous attractions are free to visit, for example Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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londra-8 - Goodbye London and thank you so much! Next stop Italy. February 12 | UK.
Goodbye London and thank you so much! Next stop Italy. February 12 | UK.
Relaxing vibe at museum. February 12, London | UK.
Today I'm in love with two things : vegan pizza & Tate Modern. February 12, London | UK.
Good morning London, it's time to pray. February 11, London | UK.
The subway is always an opportunity to mingle with the local people. February 10, London | UK.
Some days I just want to explore! February 10, London | UK
The atmosphere is electric at Chinatown. February 9, London | UK
Viaggiare mi ha insegnato quanto io sia piccolo e quante persone interessanti ci sono ovunque a cui ispirarmi, per crescere e migliorare me stesso. Grazie!
This city continues amaze me! Such an happy day. February 8, London | UK.
With an instantly recognizable style! February 7, London | UK.
Absolutely an amazing day at British museum. February 7, London | UK.
So happy vibe at Carnaby street. February 7, London | UK.
Sono emozionatissimo di visitare Londra! February 7 | UK.

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From Copenaghen - DK
By Ryanair

What am I visiting?
- Cathedral
- Ludwig museum
- Koelnmesse
- Hohenzollern bridge
- Koeln Triangle

Where am I staying?

Station Backpacker's Hostel
Marzellenstraße 44-56,
50668 Köln,
The variety of event venues and its outstanding surroundings make Cologne an attractive location for all kinds of events. Many large and small events throughout the year, like the world-famous "Kölner Karneval" street carnival and the spectacular "Kölner Lichter" fireworks, invite visitors to join in the celebrations.

Cologne’s Schildergasse is the most-visited shopping street in Germany. Small, exclusive designer boutiques and studios with offbeat clothing and accessoires you' ll find in the "Belgian Quarter" and in the city’s Ehrenfeld district.

Also, Cologne is an art and culture metropolis of international renown: 42 museums, such as the Museum Ludwig, which houses the biggest pop art collection outside the USA, the new cultural Quarter at Neumarkt and 120 galleries with the widest variety of collections from all eras bear witness to Cologne's reputation as a centre for art and culture.

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cologne-8 - Goodbye Cologne and thank you so much! Next stop London.
Goodbye Cologne and thank you so much! Next stop London.
I love art, it makes me a better person! February 6, Cologne | Germany.
Just to walk and be happy, and the wonderful things come into my camera. February 6, Cologne | Germany.
Hello man, do you enjoy art? February 5, Cologne | Germany.
I am greeted by a fascinating sight. My stay here feels like a celebration! February 5, Cologne | DE.
Morning's German mood. February 5, Cologne ! DE.
Such a beautiful cathedral. February 4, Cologne | DE.
All'inizio ero in difficoltà, ma ora mi sento davvero fortunato ad avere la chance di viaggiare per il mondo! February 4, Cologne | DE.
I promise you! February 3, Cologne | DE.
So inspiring place. February 2, Cologne | DE.
Hello Cologne, nice to meet you! February 1, Germany | DE.

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From Madrid - ES
By Ryanair

What am I visiting?
- Art & Design Museum
- Royal Palace
- Tivoli Park
- National Museum
- Royal Library
- Opera House

Where am I staying?

Generator Hostel
Adelgade 5-7
Copenhagen, 1304
Because of the fascinating architecture, many parks, gourmet restaurants and other attractions Copenhagen is a very popular place to be. Copenhagen has been nominated the best city by several organizations for livability, sustainability and other factors.

Copenhagen is not only the coolest kid on the Nordic block, but also gets constantly ranked as the happiest city in the world. Ask a dozen locals why and they would probably all zone in on the hygge which generally means coziness, but encompasses far more. But it is this laidback contentment that helps give the Danish capital the X factor.

The city's good looks are also intrinsically linked to the famed Danish flair for design, with its industrial-chic bar, fashion scenes and culinary revolution. Yet Copenhagen is more than just seasonal cocktails and geometric threads; a bounty of beautiful beaches, wooded parks and elegant lakes also await just minutes away.

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copenaghen-8 - Goodbye Copenhagen and thank you so much! Next stop, Colonia | DE
Goodbye Copenhagen and thank you so much! Next stop, Colonia | DE
Everyday is a great chance to say thank you and I love you! January 31, Copenaghen | Denmark.
Taken on a Canon eos 70d and a Canon 18-135 lens. January 31, Copenaghen | Denmark.
The place where I feel most at home. January 31, Copenaghen | DK.
Some days I just want to explore. January 31, Copenhagen | Denmark.
With an instantly recognizable style. January 30, Copenhagen | Denmark.
I'm very lucky to travel the world. Thank you God! January 30, Copenhagen | Denmark.
I have a really great day exploring Copenhagen. January 29 | Denmark.
It's a great day to start something new. January 28, Copenhagen | Denmark.
In love with this amazing city. January 26, Copenaghen | Denmark.
Hello Copenhagen. January 26, Denmark.

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From Paris - FR
By Ryanair

What am I visiting?
- Plaza Mayor
- Royal Palace
- Prado Museum
- Almudena Cathedral
- Reina Sofia

Where am I staying?

Calle de Sagasta, 22
28004 - Madrid
Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that combines the most modern infrastructures and the status as an economic, financial, administrative and service centre, with a large cultural and artistic heritage, a legacy of centuries of exciting history.

Cosmopolitan Madrid combines the very best features of any European city with a fully interactive atmosphere: huge green areas and a continuous flow of architectural structures, business people and students. The nightlife is particularly lively with much taking place in its thousands of traditional bars. Madrid is well worth visiting - and getting lost in - if you're looking to enjoy a unique experience.

In Madrid you will find all kind of interesting things to do and to see, whatever your interests are. The city has a wide offer for tourism, culture, business and for ludic activities with excellent facilities and services.
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madrid-11 - Goodbye Madrid and thank you so much! Next stop, Copenhagen.
Goodbye Madrid and thank you so much! Next stop, Copenhagen.
Honestly, I don't know nothing about art, but I love spending time at museums. January 25, Madrid | Spagna.
I love spending time in ancient places. I think there is no future without a past. January 24, Madrid | Spagna.
Thanks to museum of contemporary art, it's a very interesting place. January 24, Madrid | Spagna.
What an amazing day. So happy! January 23, Madrid | Spagna.
I love photography. Like art, it communicates and shares emotions. January 23, Madrid | Spagna.
I like walking down the streets at night. Really exciting. January 22, Madrid | Spagna.
Such a romantic vibe. January 22, Madrid | Spagna
So attracted by Almudena cathedral. January 22, Madrid | Spagna
I love Madrid, it's a so lively city. January 21 | Spagna.
Traveling alone is not easy, but Madrid makes me inspired. January 21 | Spagna.
So happy to explore Madrid. January 21 | Spagna

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From Katowice - Poland
By Wizz Air

What am I visiting?
- Arc de Triomphe
- Louvre
- Notre Dame
- Tour Eiffel
- Pompidou museum

Where am I staying?

Generator hostel
9-11 Place du Colonel Fabien
Long considered the paragon of style, Paris is perhaps the most glamorous city in Europe.The city’s reputation as a magnet for writers, artists and dissidents lives on, and it remains at the forefront of Western intellectual, artistic and literary life.

Paris has a timeless familiarity for first-time and frequent visitors, with instantly recognisable architectural icons, along with exquisite cuisine, chic boutiques and priceless artistic treasures.
Its grandeur is inspiring and at same time its intimacy is very attractive.

Cafés, bars and restaurants line every street and boulevard, and the city’s compactness makes it possible to experience the individual feel of the different quartiers.
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parigi-12 - Goodbye Paris and thank you so much! Next stop, Madrid.
Goodbye Paris and thank you so much! Next stop, Madrid.
It's so fun walking down the market's street. January 20, Parigi | France.
I am greeted by a fascinating sight. My stay here feels like a celebration. January 20, Paris | France.
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. January 19, Paris | France.
I feel happy like a child in Paris. January 18 | France.
I'm so lucky to have the chance to see amazing place. January 18, Paris | France
Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind. January 17, Paris | France.
I'm so attracted by Louvre metro station. January 17, Paris | France.
It's a must see. January 17, Paris | France.
I'm totally inspired by this place and utterly happy. January 16, Paris | France.
In love with this amazing city. January 15, Paris | France.
Hello Paris!

How did I get here?

From Sofia - Bulgary
By Wizz Air

What am I visiting?
- Silesian Museum
- Cathedral of C. the King
- Goldstein Palace
- Spodek
- NOSPR Music Hall

Where am I staying?

Centrum Sportowe Kamienna
ul.Kamienna 4, Katowice
Katow­ice is the cap­i­tal of the Upper Sile­sian region in South­west­ern Poland. Located in the cen­ter of the Upper Sile­sian Coal Basin and rich in nat­ural resources like coal and steel, the city is the indus­trial and admin­is­tra­tive leader of the region. Katow­ice is a rather young city, cel­e­brat­ing 150 years this year.

Taking a walk down its streets, visitors will see evidence of the 19th century industrial buildings which have now been combined together with more modern structures. Katowice is 300km from Warsaw and only 160km from Zakopane. It is very close to the mountain ranges which extend along Poland's southern border.

The Katowice Expo Centre organises trade fairs and exhibitions all year round. For tourists there is an abundance of places of interest to visit and the gastronomic offer is equally as rich with many restaurants offering the excellent traditional cuisine from this region.
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katowice-7 - Goodbye Katowice and thank you so much. Next stop, Paris | France
Goodbye Katowice and thank you so much. Next stop, Paris | France
I love exploring new places and breaking out of my comfort zone. January 13, Katowice | Poland.
Some days I just want to explore. January 12, Katowice | Poland.
No filter. January 12, Katowice | Poland.
In love with Silesian Museum. January 11, Katowice | Poland.
Absolutely a super hot coffee, please! January 10, Katowice | Poland.
So happy to explore Katowice | Poland.